Sunday, May 1, 2011


Turkey has always been a little bland for me.  Therefore, I think you can make a variety of things with turkey if you want to emphasize your sauce or any taste you'd like to come forward.

This afternoon, I had just finished showing a property and had a call from my family as to what to have for lunch.  Since everyone was too busy and I was heading home; I remembered I still have some Southwestern style turkey breast slices from Whole Foods Market. (But if you cannot get Southwestern style turkey, you may use plain turkey slices and just add a dash of your own Southwestern spice mix or make your own by combining some chili powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and a bit of oregano)

To make a more interesting sandwich, I used the following - which makes one sandwich:

3 slices of Southwestern style Turkey breast or plain turkey breast.
Squeezable mayonnaise
1TB relish
1TB sundried tomato pesto preferably with pine kernel and fennel
1/2 of small avocado sliced
juice of lemon to prevent the avocado from darkening
1 slice of Provolone cheese
1/3 cup of Scallion Microgreens (I bought mine from Two Brothers at Union Square - Wednesdays only)
1 baguette or any light crusted bread (I used Engeline's Pan De Sal*)

While I am heating the bread at 300 degrees F for 9 minutes to have a toasty crust and soft center; I'm preparing the avocado slices and getting my ingredients ready.

When ready, put mayonnaise on one side of the the cut bread and add the relish.  Spread the pesto sauce on the other side of the bread and layer it with the slice of cheese.  Place the turkey slices (folded if too big) on the mayonnaise side of the bread. Layer the turkey slices with the Scallion Microgreens and then the slices of avocado.  Sandwich both sides together and have a good lunch!!

 On the left are the ingredients I used.
On the right is the sandwich ready to eat.  The sundried tomato pesto and scallion microgreen gave the ultimate flavor to this otherwise bland turkey sandwich lunch.
*The bread I used from Engeline's as pictured, is located at 5828 Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, NY

Above is my favorite organic Micro Green purveyor at Union Square on Wednesdays.  I believe their price is realistic compared to the other micro green vendors who charged me by the pound and got sticker price shocked!

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