Saturday, February 16, 2013

CIELO - An Italian Restaurant in Jerusalem

As I said in my previous blog, we went away for a Pilgrimage trip to Israel.  As a foodie, I enjoy the food of various countries.  But after having falafels for lunch and other Middle Eastern dishes, we decided to try an Italian Restaurant close to our hotel in Jerusalem suggested by our Italian tour guide.

We went to Cielo which was a small quiet and romantic little restaurant; pictured below.
The restaurant opened at 6PM and we asked to be seated then instead of 7:30 to give us time to go shopping at the Maimlla Mall nearby.  On Saturdays, the mall is open till 11PM.
I wanted to order the special dishes that were not in the menu and some dishes that were in the menu.
These were the dishes we had:

We were first served an amuse bouche of tapenade on slices of baguette with what appeared to be home made soft rolls.  The rolls were delicious.

This is one of the special dish for the night.  It's actually a seafood soup.  Underneath that green soup are pieces of squid and fish.  This is a light and tasty soup.  A great first course and something I've never had before. They should put this in menu as a regular choice!

The other appetizer we had was this scallop dish.  It was delicately flavored and tender. It was another special dish for the evening.

The main course was fish cooked in a very light tomato broth served with mussels.  The fish is fresh and well prepared.

We had to have the special prawns. It was cooked in garlic and the prawns were sweet.

Our dinner came with a side dish of vegetables: Sweet potato, sliced eggplant with tomatoes on top and mini squash.  Very healthy indeed!
I always order something new.  Above, I had some coffee cream with fresh strawberries and hazel nuts on top.

What Italian dinner be complete without Tiramisu.  This was excellently prepared!
This Italian Restaurant is definitely more Northern than South.  It was very good but a little pricey if you deviate from the regular menu like we did.

Ben Sira 18, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel. 02-6251132

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