Saturday, February 16, 2013


As we continue through my Pilgrimage in Israel, we drove north to explore the upper regions of Israel to the foot of Mount Hermon, overlooking Syria and the Road to Damascus. There was snow at the foot of Mount Hermon and here we stopped by a little place to eat.

As a foodie, I ordered something else other than a felafels for lunch.  I forget what it's called but I opted for this crepe-like bread that's made in front of you which she stuffs with cream called labne, drizzle what I think is olive oil, and sprinkle it with some condiments and spices.
The crepe-like bread is crispy and contains the labne with spices and olive oil inside.
One is free to get some pickles and vegetables on the side.  I ordered some dessert and they're tea.

This is where we stopped over to have our lunch at the foot of Mt. Hermon.
By the way, Mt. Hermon is north of Israel and where the spring water comes down to feed the River Jordan.

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