Sunday, May 18, 2014

EL PRESIDENTE #Mexicanreataurantnyc

My long awaited new restaurant in the Flatiron area turned out to be like a copy of Tacombi in SoHo.  They charge pretty similar but the crispy fish  taco at El Presidente is a little larger without the Volkswagen Wagon order station and the outdoor feel.

Although El Prediente makes an awesome crisp fries mahi mahi taco, I miss the unique sauces at my more favored SoHo taco place which is why I rate this lower. 

This place is more accessible to me  though. 

And El Presidente has more variety of tacos.  I liked the gringo which tasted like Mexican pizza.  

Their menu above, and our tacos below:
This is a pretty big piece of mahi mahi - like a nice tempura.
I had to order the kale taco for a balanced diet
Their condiments upon request - usual Mexican sauces unlike at Tacombi in SoHo.
  And if you want a watermelon drink called watermelon sangria - it has alcohol.
But we ordered the watermelon SANDRIA - which is plain watermelon drink. I wonder if it had agave because it was sweeter than what I normally make at home with my Vitamix.

I will be coming to this branch more often if they start serving their tacos with my 4 favorite sauces at Tacombi.

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