Saturday, June 21, 2014

FRENCH CAFE - #LeMoulainCafe

My friend had mentioned to me that some people she knows who live in this neighborhood rave about this place.

I can see why.  They have wonderful pastries and a light lunch menu.  However, to me only the pastries are remarkable.

The usual croque Monsieur and croque Madame are again on the menu including the salad Nicoise.  Some other competition serve more than these items at their French caf├ęs.

The ambience is nice:
The pastries look fine. Therefore, I had to veer out of the usual French choice. I picked their Vietnamese inspired sandwich baguette. It's just a sandwich.  Maybe I should have picked the small sandwiches in their glass case found upfront in the glass case instead.

But at least. The price was right.

When it came to the croissants, they were competitively priced. I hope the croissants I bought  pass the test tomorrow when I have it for breakfast.

It's a gem of am addition to the area. I don't think though if I will go out of my way to eat here when i can find things here at any French cafe in the city. The pastries are good but the lunch is average to me so far.

Here's the lunch menu:

Le Moulain Cafe
1349 York Avenue
New York, NY 10079

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