Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hudson Food Court

No doubt this is a class act food court! And what a view!!

The collective stalls providing the food are some if my favorite go to places.  Hence, I am reviewing 2 of the food places I have never been to.

First is an obvious place because their restaurant is located in Long Island.
With the array of pizza that are wafer thin, I decided to try their Margharita to judge it from past versions.  My conclusion: 'Love it!

Next I went to Mjghty Quinn's - originally a BBQ place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which later opened in East Village.  I have had brisket from several competitors in Manhattan so of course this is what I had to try!
For under $10 I get a good amount if juicy delectable brisket which passes my taste buds!  With it I asked for several of the pickled vegetables including peppers with it.  My brioche bread was separate to my request because I am staying away from a lot if carbs lately.
UMAMI Burger is also at Hudson Eats

It's just been a few days since they opened.  I heard that lunch time was very busy.  I am here at an odd high tea schedule and slowly the crowd js building up.

My take on this is it will be a successful food court.  And with the 911 Memorial nearby, it will be very crowded.  So try it now while there's less traffic.

I remember when I first blogged about the Plaza Food Court - and 3 years later, the place is a zoo.

I can't wait for Le District to open later this year.  It will be a version of EATALY in Flatiron area except it's French. 

250 Vessey, New York, NY

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