Monday, May 9, 2011

GOTHAM 50 - 2-day old restaurant in NYC

As I was walking down the street, I saw this new restaurant that just opened.  It is owned by the Owner of Grezia, an Italian restaurant nearby.  They decided to open a trendy casual restaurant with a "downtown" ambiance.  So, after a busy day today, we decided to try it.
Above, you see the entrance to the restaurant.  The big windows can be opened as they did on this day for Al-fresco dining. (It was a beautiful warm Spring day)

The menu interested me.  What caught my eye was the Meat Platter appetizer and then the Lamb Osso Bucco

 The Meat Platter was delicious.  From left to right:  Boar prosciutto, Lamb Prosciutto, Duck Prosciutto, duck terrine, dry boar sausage and dry duck sausage.

I was told they ran out of bread to go with the meats and served us the tomato focaccia  and some raisin breads, which I pointed out drowned the delicate flavors of the meats.  The Owner then solved the problem and removed the tomato crust on top, then grilled the focaccia bread and apologized they had just opened.  I guess my fussiness actually helped them.

It is a good dish to order which I highly recommend.  In fact, if you order a salad and this platter; it could be one's meal!

The Lamb Osso Buco was fork tender and deliciously made served with garlic potato.

The Lamb Osso Buco is a large dish as you can see.

The cod was flaky with a sweet sauce served with grilled bok choi.
It's a good restaurant to have around the neighborhood.

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