Sunday, June 5, 2011


If you're ever in Shanghai, I recommend visiting this restaurant.  It was recommended to us by a Shanghai-born Australian who was our maitre-d at M on the Bund; a restaurant in Shanghai.

Uighur traditional food. Uighur people are a large minority group making up most of the population of China's far west Xinjiang province. Their looks and food are similar to central Asian. The cuisine focuses on lamb and mutton.

This was a delicious and mutton dish.  Although they cooked it outside on the grill, it was tender and juicy with very little charred taste.  This version of the shish kebab had Asian flair.  The rice was a sticky and very moist,  full of flavor.
No. 1 south shan xi Rd
Shanghai, China
TEL: 021-62550843

No. 280, Yi Shan Rd
Shnghai, China
TEL: 021-64689198

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