Monday, March 7, 2011


This is my own guess-work take on a dessert I eat that I've ordered before.  You can also grill figs and apricots.  Because of the season, I have only found plums available to broil.

Arrange the sliced plums on a pan and drizzle generously with sugar.  Broil about 7 inches away from flame.  Apportion one plum per person.  Broil about 8 minutes or just until the tops begin to brown and slightly char.

Meantime, quickly mix with a small wisk in a small bowl, 2TB of mascarpone with 1/2 TB of honey per person.

Immediately plate the broiled plums and scoop the mascarpone cream mix in center or side.  You may add a leaf of mint which I didn't have at last night's dinner.

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