Saturday, March 26, 2011

MAHARLIKA FILIPINO MODERNO - the new Philippine Restaurant in NYC

So far, this restaurant looks like a success!  It was a Pop-Up restaurant sharing space with another restaurant first in East Village and then in the West Village at 5-Ninth.  Now they are permanently in East Village at 111 First Avenue and 7th Street.

Maharlika was conceived by Enzo Lim with partner Nicole Ponseco.  The Filipino dishes they serve are dishes they grew up with.  Personally, as someone who also grew up in the Philippines, their dishes remind me of eating at home with a good new twist, served bistro-style.  And that's the key!

THIS IS MAHARLIKA TODAY:  Permanently located at 111 First Avenue, NYC
Left: The board infront of Maharlika which states the specials for the Day.  TABINGI (meaning not straight - a bit bent) is the description for Thursday.
Above right:   Bar area

This drink is served with a long thin slice of ginger.

They have quite a few selections to choose from in their menu for brunch including some creative drinks.       

 Above, are complimentary chicken-skin chicharrons - served with homemade palm vinegar with spices; and a bowl of Asian coated nuts.

 On the left is the stuffed chicken wings in citrus-soy sauce served with garlic fried rice and scrambled eggs.  I highly recommend it.
The sizzling sisig, (their rendition) was delicious served with egg and accompanied with garlic fried rice below.  You can eat this with their homemade palm spicy vinegar.

Maharlika also offers vegetable dishes.  There is an eggplant omelet served with salad; or a dish called Imelda which is eggs served with taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and whole shrimp.

The menu also had french toast with slices of mango with coconut sauce which I would like to try next time.

Below are their homemade jams: coconut and guava.  Something to talk about!

My vote is thumbs up!!  It is another marriage between East and West and certainly a great addition to the number of restaurants.  Their menu stirs away from the usual choice in a Filipino restaurant.  Hoping they will be open 7 days a week!

111 First Avenue and Seventh Street
You must reserve by the middle of the week to make sure you get seated at
Visit them at:

Reservations for parties of 5 or more
646 392 7880/@maharlikanyc/

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