Monday, March 14, 2011


Another egg dish? This one's easy to do which will provide you enough protein for a Sunday brunch. Served with orange juice or fruit(s) on the side.  You may have a salad as well with this!

Ingredients for this brunch: organic Omega 3 cage free eggs, Gruyere cheese, garlic, onion, tomatoes (squeezed to rid of juice and seeds - don't have to be perfectly squeezed out), chopped up parsley, olive oil and a slice or two of cooked uncured bacon.
 Heat oil in pan.  Saute onion till transparent, then add one minced garlic. Add chopped tomatoes and cook till limp and add whole eggs to the pan (4 eggs in an 8-inch pan). Lay a slice of Gruyere cheese on top of each.  Cover the pan and continue cooking for a minute.  Sprinkle the chopped parsley and return cover to cook for another minute.

Eggs are done when yolk looks cooked but not hard.

May have one or two per serving.
Manggia!  Bon Appetit!  Vamos a Comer! Bon Giorno! Bon Jour! Buenos Dias!

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