Saturday, August 2, 2014

AMELIE #Frenchrestaurant

Finally I get to try Amelie - the French restaurant in Greenwich Village.

They serve quality Classic French food not the haute cuisine French.
I particularly liked the mini ravioli French style with lots if cheese and some grated truffle on top:
This dish is like a super Mac & cheese with the right cheese! The grated truffle is amply garnished on top as you can see.  I suggest a side dish of haricot vert (French greenbeans) as a side dish with it.
Their trout cooked with wine and capers is perfectly done fresh and beautifully fried crisp skin yet moist inside. 

Above was a dish I thought would have more fish and cheese.  I didn't realize that the fish is mashed or incorporated in a mashed potato. But the compte cheese around and on top was delicious.

We decided we would like to try this place for brunch some time. 

22 W 8th St., NY, NY 10011

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