Thursday, August 28, 2014


I bought Monstera deliciosa last month and watched it ripen in my kitchen.  It's not an easy fruit to eat although it taste good.  The fruit is a little mushy and reminds me of corn kernels being pulled out of the husk.

As it ripens the green thick skin starts to fall off.  Do not force it open or peel it. There are some black carbon like things that appear at the base of the fruit.

The flavor of this fruit is somewhat like a banana and a pineapple. It is mushy white but sweet. I had to pull each fruit out of each "socket" as you can see below:
 See the black parts inside?

I find it tedious to eat. It took me days to finish as I waited for each section to ripen.

To ripen, you place the fruit standing up in a talk glass and leave it on the kitchen counter. Wait for the thick green skin to fall off signifying it is ripe.

Each of these tiny kernel like pieces are pulled off from the fruit to eat.

Monstera deliciosa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Monstera deliciosa, the Fruit Salad Plant, is a species of flowering plant native to tropical rainforests of southern Mexico, ...

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