Saturday, August 9, 2014


I had to look for this restaurant which I ate at in 2010.  My memory is still good. After walking through stores each aisle, with patience, I finally found it.  I never knew the name then.
Such reasonable price for an Omakase.
So of course I added even a few more.  Freshly  caught that day! 
I had toro (fatty tuna on the front left, squid, ebi in the back (shrimp), crab meat behind, my favorite uni (sea urchin) in gold 2nd from the right and fish roe on the right.
Showing me the shell if the live large clam family below:
It still wiggled after he cut it. That fresh.
Another extra seafood I asked for that I don't see in the US.
I will always go back to this place.
#Tsukiji Sushisay
I highly recommend!

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Ahkenaten Kor said...

Crazy how just seeing pics of food in NYC makes me miss my city so damned much! And I don't even like sushi! Excellent poat with great pics!