Tuesday, August 26, 2014

JING FONG for Chinese Food and Dumplings

It's been a few years we've been going to this restaurant and they never cease to slow down.  That's how this restaurant has survived.

ThIis big Chinese Restaurant probably has a capacity for up to 1000 if not 800 people.

With these many people and a lot of staff, I can be sure they serve fresh food each time.

For this Sunday afternoon, we decided to go around 2PM.  Normally, lines are super long; but around 2PM, you can get a table much easier.  Our wait was about 10 minutes.

Up the escalator, you arrive in a humongous ballroom-size dining area.
Above is just half or about a third of the entire restaurant.
One of the dumplings I like are these vegetable and shrimp dumplings.
Above is another favorite dumpling of mine, shrimp.
These are called chicken feet. Don't worry, they remove the skin on top of this skin (there are layers of skin in chicken feet).  These are so tender, the meat just come apart from the bones so easily.  I love the sauce.
Above are the pork rib pieces. They are tender that the meat comes off the bones so easily as well.

They have many others but I thought I'd just give you samples of unusual dumplings.

They have fried rice, all sorts of seafood, vegetables, soups, and interesting desserts. There must be about 100 food choices.  One of which is roast duck which look so good when I saw it on a table; that I would like to order it next time.  It's been many years I have been going to this place and I've never had the roast duck from here!

      20 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013
Min. $15.00|Free Delivery

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