Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This was an accidental find which our taxi passed by in the way to our hotel in Ginza.

Our last couple of days to try Wagyu steak.  This was it without emptying our pockets!

I did not have the deal like others at our table.  But here's what the deal comes with:
This casual place makes everything from the sausages to their grilled steak.
The special ¥3900 comes with:
A great salad with very large shrimp.
Their own sausage - this one is chorizo which I ordered ala carte (theirs come with it)
Their other sausage served with mustard which comes with 2 kinds of mustard.
The grilled Wagyu beef. Above was my ala carte version and I chose to have half a pound.  The prix-fixed is about half of my steak in the photo.  The condiments compliment the steak. One if them is my favorite called Yuzu-sho which I bought from Matsuya-Ginza, just about 2 blocks away.  The yuzu (Japanese citrus) is so flavorful; it does not compare to the one I recently bought in the States sold at a Japanese store. I am savoring this condiment here which I brought home from Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.
I think this was their baked beans for the prix-fixed.

The hamburger cooked the way you want it but comes with vegetables too:
And French fries below:

We had a casual wonderful dinner.
Lunch: 11:30-16:00
Dinner: 17:30-23:00

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