Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm finicky when it comes to food.  Donuts are not an exception.  With calories in mind, I limit myself from eating just any donut.  Doughnut Plant in the Lower Eastside is my favorite.  The 2 outstanding flavors they make are coconut and creme brulee.  No other doughnut plant makes those!

First, they are square.  They are made only with natural fillings.  The coconut is made from real coconut meat which they crack open fresh daily to make the filling and glaze with it.  And the creme brulee uses real vanilla bean for its custard filling, carefully dipping it in sugar hand torched individually to give that crunchy glaze.  You know its fresh because the crispiness deteriorates in time.

Box of 6 donuts from Doughnut Plat to take home

Group of 4 creme brulee donuts, chocolate and on the right are 2 coconut stuffed donuts

Close up of the Creme brulee donut

Creme brulee donut shown cut up to reveal vanilla custard filling made with real vanilla bean

They also make fresh plum donut with homemade plum jam.  Worth the lineup to see for yourself. 

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