Sunday, February 13, 2011

CHOCOLATE HILLS, Bohol, Philippines

If you ever visit the Phlippines, you must include a visit to Chocolate Hills of Bohol - it's one of the Wonders of the World and where I had the best roast pig ever yet.

  BELOW:  Banana wrapped in rice paper (lumpia wrapper) with sugar, then fried.  Served in a glass with cream/caramel dip.
 BELOW:  Rare primate called Tarziers, (in extinction) found in Bohol when you visit Chocolate Hills
 BELOW:  My favorite lechon (roast pig) Cebu style (Cebu is a Visayan province in the Philippines).  Their method of cooking and ingredients enhances a delicious flavor in every bite of the pork.  The skin is a delicacy because if perfectly done as pictured, every part is delectably crispy.  This is roasted in a spit on an open fire manually turned to get evenly cooked for hours.

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