Friday, February 25, 2011


Our friends recommended for us to try Twist at The Mandarin Hotel in Vegas.  They knew I was a foodie so after having tried some of the dishes I prepared that night at our home, they said that I would definitely enjoy this place.  And I did!

I opted for the 3-course prix-fixe dinner because I had a feeling that it would have other dishes along with it being a culinary haute-cuisine restaurant; and I was right!  We had the amuse bouche and many assorted dishes that went into preparing our festive meal.

Amuse bouche - Jack Daniel gelee plus...

 Brussels Sprouts
Burratta Ice Cream "MADE IN LA", Baby Pepper, Arbequina Olive Oil

Pea & Pumpkin Veloute, Roasted Scallop, Yogurt Vodka, Pressed Caviar

Chocolate Caramel (one of the desserts)

Meringue flavored sticks

Whipped ricotta as bread spread

LA GRANDE ORANGE:   (Blood Orange Gelee, Orange Wurtz & Confit, Blood Orange Sorbet

THE EXOTIC:  Pistachio Parfait, Cranberry Marshmallow, Mango Liqueur, Exotic Fruit Salad

POMMES DES TWIST TART:  Apple & Rosemary Marmalade, Breton Sable, Calvados Glaze

ROASTED FILLET OF DEER: Dry Orange Perfumed; Yellow Carrot Veloute, Grilled Cumin Seeds.  Purple Potato Gnocchi, Sauteed Chesnuts, Crispy Bacon

Santa Barbara Hamachi Ceviche, Oro Blanco Grapefruit Fondue, Turnip Carpaccio

The knife balances on a stone

 2 kinds of French butter and baguette sticks in seasoned olive oil
The windowed ladies room at the Mandarin Hotel

Knives balance on stone

CHESTNUT DESSERT: VAnilla Chestnut Cream, Coffee Kirsch Chantilly, Rum Golden Raisins

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