Saturday, February 26, 2011

DEL POSTO Special Prix-fixe Lunch

Lunch is the best time to look for the best deals from upscale restaurants in NYC.  Del Posto at 85 Tenth Avenue between 15th and 16th streets is a good deal at $29/person.  You have a good choice for a prix-fixe lunch which comes with amuse bouche (3 little ones) and a surprise box with 5 miniature extra dessert treats for each of you at the table to try and a little box of delectable homemade truffles to take home.

FOR STARTER:  The amuse bouche is made up of consome, mini aranccini (stuffed rice ball) and stuffed cream puff

I selected this salad as my first course

This was the first course that one of us ordered instead of a salad

This ice cream has pistachios as you can see.

Above is another dessert you can choose

This is a staple at prix-fixe lunch that is added after. There is a mini chocolate covered ice cream, warm mini bombolini, apple tart, dark chocolate truffle - which are all truly delicious!

Above is another appetizer with fried pancetta

Closeup of the bombolini and mini ice cream pops

It's actually better to eat like a King at lunch than at dinner time.  You have the rest of the day to burn all those calories.  This was very well worth it for the day!

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