Monday, February 28, 2011

BIG GAY ICE CREAM - Gourmet Ice Cream in a Truck

Can't wait for summer for ice cream from the Big Gay Ice Cream truck parked in certain areas in New York City.  It's soft ice cream with creative toppings.  My favorite is this salty chocolate.  I've also had olive oil and sea salt topping.  He can also create something not on his list labeled outside his truck.  He's usually on 17th Street and Union Square around 2PM-5PM, Monday-Friday.  He also hangs out in the East Village and other spots.  There's usually a line.  I've seen curry and coconut - but I didn't try that.  He's done tamarind too.

This is a destination!

May 2011:  The truck is back! Yesterday, I ordered a spicy peanut butter lined cone with salt, dipped in Chocolate and dribbled with olive oil.

He had to serve it on a plate because it had olive oil on it.  It was delicious.  You should order this!

New Flavors for May - June 2011

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br23luc27 said...

can't wait to walk over to that corner and have a cone of one strange concoction and enjoy it!
Great job, Bing! interesting blog!