Monday, February 28, 2011


The Chefs began to work away and show us how they make their muscle dish to be judged.

The dishes I sampled were:

This was delicious centered by a mini flakey croissant

This is how Chef Michael of Karma Restaurant in Austin, NY plated his mussel dish with chorizo
In the afternoon, they also had another chef contest which required to use certain Japanese ingredients.  Participating were 3 chefs. One was Roger Mau of Daniel and Chef Cheng from Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park who won the #1 position with a trip for 2 to Japan.  2nd price was a beautiful Japanese knife and 3rd price was $300.

Master Chef Ferdinand Metz announcing the winner for the Japanese ingredient infused creation
I then went on to try other samples including beverages:
Yuzu flavored sparkling wine - I just loved this.

Excellent Ginger Ale with real ginger in the bottom

One could open a store devoted using their mix and machines to serve 3 kinds of their drinks

Sweet/salty fish served with sticky rice and minced vegetables

I loved the ready mix for this greentea.  Just add your soy milk and ice in a blender.

New gelato introduction of new flavors such as Catch You - Chocolate with hazel nuts and other crispy stuff

Lamb from New Zealand made into slider patties.  Delicious!

Onomiyaki (healthy vegetable omelette.  It's like potato latkes but made of cabbage and eggs

Horse Mackerel from Japan served with ginger and soy sauce

Wagyu beef for sliders.  Comes 10 in a pack!  I wish they'd sell this retail

Micro Carrots from San Diego

Above is roasted pig.  They cut up servings of Porchetta

There were buffalo sausages to try from the Piemontese beef purveyor from Montana

From Sandiego was a booth of my favorite Micro greens

From Bonewerks were pre-cooked packaged with 10 pieces each ready to serve meats

Package meat was served with additional spicy sweet sout creation by the chef to add into the meat sauce in the package
Along the way, we also tried espresso coffee, ready made desserts for restaurants to order from.  The Catalan creme brulee was excellent.  You would think it was made in the restaurant.  They had breads, croissants, cold cuts, and many many items to try.

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Julieta said...

I did enjoy my day at the International Restaurant show.. my favorite sake..Nigita, served cold..Salmon sashimi, udon with chicken or curried flavored with yuzu ponzu..Canadian mussels were plum and delicious..wagyu beef..foie Gras du Canard ( Goose Liver)..capuccino with different signature designs i.e. ferns, hearts, etc..

Canadian mussels were plum and delicious.. some with morels..

Lobster profitorol were delicious as well.