Sunday, February 13, 2011


This week, I had some fresh fetuccine, chanterelle and assorted organic Japanese mushroom, truffle pate, truffle oil, olive oil, cream and 2 garlic cloves, about 3/4 c cream and 1/2 cup of wine (any will do -red or white), sun dried tomato.

I sauteed the garlic then removed it when it was golden brown.  Sautee the mushrooms in the garlic rendered oil about 5 minutes.  Add the wine and the sundried tomato till wine evaporates in half 1/2.  Add the cream and season with fleur de sel.  Mix in some of the pasta and plate it with the mushroom mixture and a tablespoon of truffle pate drizzled with truffle oil.

Serve with grated parmaggiano reggiano cheese.  Or grate it on top.

A quick dinner to prepare after work. I actually just tossed ingredients I could find in my kitchen.  You have to have a stuffed cupboard and a stuffed refrigerator to come up with a surprise supper in the middle of the week!

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