Sunday, February 13, 2011


My friends called last minute to join them for brunch in Chinatown forgetting it was Chinese New Year.  We couldn't get close to the restaurant we intended to eat in because of the crowd.  We ate at a Malaysian restaurant instead which was quite good.  I'm glad to tag around friends, it helps me discover new places to go to.

Above are pictures I took of the New Year's celebration in Chinatown.  Right above is the Malaysian dessert we had after.  It's crushed ice with flavored red syrup, green gelatin, corn, sweet red bean under and special fruit with black seeds.  Quite good and not so fattening.  No dairy!  Restaurant's name: New Malaysia at 46-48 Bowery, New York

This year, January 29, 2012 is the YEAR OF THE DRAGON.
So, I went back to Chinatown to see the celebration.

The wait for the well known place for Shanghai soupy buns was 1-1/2 hour's wait.  So, we settled to have the same quality Shanghai buns at Noodle Village.  A fairly new place down the block on Mott Street.  We sat right away in a minute because we agreed to eat on a communal table - which they call share.
I will try Joe's Shanghai next time to compare the soupy buns.

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